Saturday, 20 February 2016


कितना कुछ कहना बाकी है
कितना कुछ सुनना बाकी है
गहरी ख़ामोशी इस पार भी है
कुछ ग़मगीन सा शोर उस पार भी है
कुछ चुभते सवालों की भीड़ इस ओर से है
कुछ कड़वे जवाबों की भरमार  उस ओर से है
गहराता अँधियारा उस ओर भी है
कुछ चौंधियाती सी रौशनी इस ओर भी है
सुकूँ की दो साँसे ना उस तरफ हैं
चैन की नींद ना इस तरफ को है

नाउम्मीदी का आलम हर ओर है
इक अजीब सी बेचैनी फ़िज़ा में ठहरी है
मुस्कुराहटों में तीखी तलवार सी धार भी है
शहद से मीठे लफ़्ज़ों में लिपटा एक पैना वार भी है
किस किस पर शक़ ना करें,
पीछे हर मेल-मुलाकात के भी
छुपता यूँ विश्वास का घात ही है
हर मदद को उठते हाथ में भी
आती महक ख़ूनी नरसंहार की है।


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Women, National Economy And #GiveItUp

So they say women do not have much awareness of national economy, they can not be bothered about how people are suffering due to lack of employment opportunities, how poor people manage their lives without enough money, food, clothes etc.
I bet I can prove all of them morons wrong, and that too within a few minutes!
We do know all about national economy and its intricacies. And we know that the prospects of our nation's dwindling economy depend on us women only.
Now our PM has inspired so many Indians with his #GiveItUp campaign and since we don't believe in a monopoly market, hence we have gladly 'given up' our monopoly over house work. We hire house helps for cleaning, washing, cooking and have successfully created lakhs of jobs for the poor and the needy. Now we either get food made by our cooks at home, get home delivered or go out to a restaurant ourselves, we also buy all our wafers, papads, pickles, sauces, cakes and sweets etc from the market thus creating a huge #DemandSupply market for the food preservation and packaging industry. We have started hiring event managers to organize our parties and functions in restaurants, hotels, banquet halls and farm houses instead of our own homes.
Earlier we would do our designing, stitching and embroidery ourselves but then we realized how we were depriving many skilled and talented men and women of their rightful work and earning, so we stopped ourselves from doing that also and outsource everything to boutiques and designers now. Every few months we 'give away' even our sparingly worn clothes to poor people. What if we have to go and buy more dresses for us....... we are so kind, selfless and helpful people, you know!
Our grandmas depended on homemade ubtans (face/body scrubs and packs) but we can't really trust their effect on our delicate skins, can we? Besides that, wouldn't all the cosmetic products companies, beauty parlors and spas have to shut shop if we continued doing all our beauty treatments at home, ourselves? And how about the beauty consultants who provide all the beauty services within the clean and hygienic environments of our own homes? We have to take care of their rozi-roti too, after all!
And so many of us insist on buying only imported stuff, be it branded clothes, shoes, bags or cosmetics, to balance the import-export ratio of the national economy.
Now when we do so much of introspection, hold intense discussions and debates about issues pertaining to national economy during our social work sessions, kitty parties, ladies club meetings and get togethers, it is bound to affect our health too. So off we go for some spa sessions to rejuvenate our fatigued bodies, join gym and hire workout trainers to get back into shape. It's just give and take lose some stubborn weight and gain back your beauty and health by spending some money but what is the value of a few thousand bucks if it helps fill the pockets of some poor gym wale bhaiyas!
Now we are so conscientious and considerate people that we have purposefully stopped helping our kids with their studies because we want to fulfill our social responsibility towards our educated unemployed too. So we now rely on only home tutors, coaching classes and personal coaches for our kids' education.
A little sacrifice here and a little sacrifice there on our part can really set the nation's struggling economy back on track, you see!
Do we mind it? Naah....nation first, always!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Intolerance For Intolerance

There is much brouhaha about intolerance in social, political and religious circles these days but how about intolerance in personal relationships?
Children-parents, husband-wife, in-laws, siblings, friends, students-teacher, there any tolerance left anywhere?
You say something but you can not be sure how it is going to be construed by the other person. Nobody wants to stay a second and listen to the other person patiently, objectively. Listening, a vital component of any meaningful and fruitful conversation and discourse, has become a rare commodity. Poor listening skills compound the problems in relationships as they lead to people judging each other by what they say, not by what they mean.
They say every action has a reaction to it. These days people have instant desires and then desire for an instant fulfillment as well. Be it that wow dress, the cool clutch, a diamond dangler, the latest bratty bike, a selfie with the hottest heartthrob in college, and hundreds of 'likes' on scores of selfies posted everyday. But if the desired object or outcome is not achieved for any reason, then God save everyone nearby!
If the parents refuse permission for a late night party/movie, if the child demands that Xbox you promised for scoring 90%, if the wife reminds about the long overdue cleaning up, if the husband asks for another cup of coffee, if the sibling fails to call up the other twice a week......then all the intolerants simply be damned!