Saturday, 26 July 2014

C-Sat Controversy-My Views

Candidates' grouses against C-Sat:
1. Inappropriate and incomprehensible translation of questions.
The level of translation is pretty bad, the candidates blame it on Google translate. Am not sure of it but someone is definitely at fault. Solution is to provide comprehension passages and questions written in Hindi, not translated from English.
2. The logical and reasoning sections of C-Sat are detrimental to the success rate of Hindi medium, Humanities and rural background candidates, rather C-Sat provides undue advantage to the candidates with engineering, medical and management backgrounds. Hence C-Sat must be scrapped altogether.
I am sure, majority of the civil services aspirants would also be appearing in Bank PO, SSB, Teacher recruitment tests and other such exams where English, quantitative, qualitative, logical and reasoning sections are an integral part. Then, how can anyone claim incapability in attempting such questions and demand that UPSC should immediately scrap C-Sat?
Can any candidate who has been preparing for Civil services exams for years, say honestly that he/she has never consulted any reference book in English? Is all the subject material required for an in depth study of optional subjects for the Main Exam available in Hindi only? And moreover, anyone who is capable of burning the midnight oil for 2-3-4-5 years for the subject papers can surely devote some hours to the aptitude test questions too. UPSC has increased the age limit and also the number of chances for all categories of candidates thereby giving them adequate time for preparation. All of them, now, need to display a logical and rational attitude and accept C-Sat gracefully, instead of sitting on dharna and doing unreasonable protests, wasting precious man hours of Police, Administration, Parliament and above all, their own.
The govt and other authorities are trying their best to find a way out of this mess, ASAP.
What're your thoughts on this issue, friends?

Thursday, 17 July 2014



Goodbye 295,
Goodbye 18,
Goodbye logic,
Goodbye sanity,
Goodbye peace,
Goodbye humanity.

Welcome missiles,
Welcome mortar,
Welcome revenge,
Welcome fanaticism,
Welcome perversion,
Welcome.........humans? Anyone?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Appalling, terrible, insensitive.....words!

Three news items in today's TOI (July 10, 2014).......

A young precious life gets snuffed because the colony park he went to play in, was fenced with barbed wire which was tied to an electricity pole with loose cable connection. The 14-year old child came in contact with the wire when he was trying to jump over the fence because the three gates to the park were closed and children were not allowed to play cricket inside the ornamental park. Some people had earlier reported mild current in the pole, two dogs had died........did the RWA or the authorities care to pay attention and get the needful done? Did they care enough to open the gates and allow the children unhindered access to the park? No.


A senior BPO executive riding a bike on Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway gets hit by an unknown vehicle, gets thrown down the flyover near IFFCO Chowk, lands in the service road, is run over by multiple vehicles without anyone bothering to see and rescue him, badly mutilated body parts are found scattered over fifty meters.

Reckless driving.

An 81-year old senior citizen killed and burnt by her 21-year old domestic help who tries to mislead the neighbors and police by cooking up a story of robbery. On police interrogation, he later confesses to also raping the old woman after watching porn on his cell phone.


The common thread in all these stories-yes, these are stories, just stories for all of us until they happen to us-is lack of a humane attitude, lack of sympathy, lack of care and respect for other human lives.

Does anyone deserve such a gruesome death?


Humanity, public responsibility, official accountability?

Just words!

PS-Date error at the top of the post is technical.